Wildfires Take the Great Smoky Mountains

  Scrolling through Facebook this morning, the news on my feed showed Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and the Smoky Mountains on fire. This disaster is taking out businesses, homes, and the homes of many of our wildlife. 120 miles away from The Gardens, The Great Smoky Mountains are, unfortunately, dealing with …

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What to Know About the Gardens RV Village’s Motorcycle Group

One of the events that take place in The Gardens RV Village is the weekly motorcycle rides only residents attend. Typically, 10-12 bikes will go out with the weather permitting. No matter what type of vehicle you have whether it is two or three wheels, as long as you are …

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A Short History of Gaul’s Gallery Restaurant

Fall Creek Falls State Park, located in Pikeville, Tennessee, has every activity you could imagine. It is the largest state park in Tennessee and offers more than 26,000 acres. If you did not know already, Fall Creek Falls provides an abundant history. A brief history lesson from the Tennessee State …

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Get Social With Us!


Gardens Realty’s video about our community was a big hit during September 2016’s Hershey RV Show. Thousands of attendees visited the 70-foot-wide booth where they could watch the 20-minute presentation which showed our beautiful community along with comments from homeowners. Betty and Bob McLeish appear in it, which will bring …

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Help Promote Your Home’s Value

You can help improve your home’s value by joining The Gardens’ social media effort in several ways: “Like,” “Comment,” and “Share” on the Public Facebook page: @GardensRVVillage. (This is a public page that is kept separate from the exclusive @GardensRVVillageHomeowners‘ page.) Visit our blog, http://rvlifestylehomes.com, occasionally and share the site …

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Prospective Home Buyers Coming Down From Hershey RV Show

Last month’s “America’s Largest RV Show” held at Giant Center Stadium, Hershey, Pennsylvania, was the busiest and most lively one in history. Organizers ay the event broke records with 57,692 RV enthusiasts. We spoke with literally thousands of them, since Gardens Realty’s gigantic 70-foot-wide display booth dominated the entryway and …

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The Gardens Team is Ready For The Hershey RV Show

The Gardens RV Village is sending the ‘A-team’ to the Hershey RV Supershow! We’re very excited because we always, always (Lord willing) find new, fun neighbors-to-be at this event. So wish us luck, everyone. This year, we have a huge outdoor booth consisting of five (5!) tents. We’ll be hosting an air-conditioned video booth in one of the tents, so that will be exciting. Tim Wilson will host seminars on “RV Retirement Community Living” in the Locker Room (cool!) each day. Wednesday through Saturday, they’ll be held from 6:30-7:30 pm and on Sunday, from 9:30-10:30 am. He will be sharing the in’s and out’s of living in a place like the Gardens and there will be Q&A sessions at each event. So please add this to your calendar if you’re in Hershey…. Come and bring your questions! Also, don’t forget if you are talking about the Hershey show on social media, tag it with #HersheyRVShow If you are talking about The Gardens, tag our name | #GardensRV | #GardensRVVillage |

Seminar and Video: Taxes, Landscaping, and More

As you have read previously, The Gardens RV Village traveled to Springfield, Massachusetts to inform RVers at the FMCA 94th International Convention of our RV Community on top of the Cumberland Plateau. You can check for more of our videos here. In this segment, Tim talks about how favorable the taxes are for retirees in Tennessee.

RetireTennessee.org states, “In 2015, CNBC ranked Tennessee #2 in the country for its cost of living. Our Cost of Living Index is 9.7% below the national average.” If you are wondering about property taxes, Tennessee has no state property tax. Sales tax is 5% on food and 7% on all other tangible personal property. However, there is no sales tax on prescription drugs. There is no state personal income tax in Tennessee. Although, TN has the Hall Income Tax. If you are concerned, talk to your financial advisors. Local taxes are set by local governments. Finally, retirees can nurture their nest egg by relocating to a state with lower taxes. Tennessee has a perk for retirees: dividends and interest are the only form of income that TN taxes. For further information, you can check this link.

Later in the video, landscaping is discussed. The homeowner provides their own landscaping. There are several options that they can choose from. If you are interested in learning more about the options, you can contact us by email or phone.


Tim Wilson Speaks at 2016 America’s Largest RV Show


The Gardens RV Village Developer Tim Wilson will speak at the 2016 America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA, September 14 through 18, 2016. If you are attending the #HersheyRVShow September 14-18, 2016 and are interested in learning how others are combining an abundant RV lifestyle – one filled with …

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